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Our Competitive Advantage

Surviving in the business world as a private security company requires more than, your expertise, knowing how to deliver standard security contracts but also how to network with key people that matters; decision makers that can decide who a security contract is giving to and all that. No doubt there are loads of big time investors such as the Coin Security, Bidvest securities et al that have a stake in the private security industry, but one thing is certain, there is room big enough to accommodate both the big private security companies and the small private security companies. What smaller private security companies need to do to survive in the industry is to concentrate on providing security services to households, event planners, estates, communities, schools, hospitals and hotels et al before bidding for big security contracts from corporations and government agencies.

We have specifically designed our products and services for :

  • Entrepreneurs and Start – Ups
  • The Government (Public Sector)
  • Blue Chips Companies
  • Corporate Organizations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Households / Families
  • Political Parties / Politicians
  • Schools (High Schools, Colleges and Universities)
  • Sport Organizations
  • Celebrities
  • Estates and Communities

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